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7 Steps of Halloween Decorations you should follow

7 Steps of Halloween Decorations you should follow

Do you realize that the season of fright is upon us? No matter how many Halloween seasons you have been through, the decoration process never gets easier. If you are stuck for Halloween decoration plans, this checklist is for you to decorate your beloved home wisely and still give the haunted house scenery. Let’s get started with us!

Halloween Decorations

Step 1: Tidy up and store items that are not Halloween vibes

It’s a fact that many people skip the cleaning steps and jump into decorating right away. You must be planning lots of things on your mind to have an epic Halloween and ready to make it happen as soon as better. However, you should make sure you clean your home, remove all clutter, and store items by category before you begin. This will make it much easier not only for Halloween, but also for the whole festive season ahead such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.


You can start cleaning from the inside out, from the most obvious places to the tiniest corners. Certainly, many things are not proper to display during the Halloween season. Let's start with the living room! Remove or replace your daily furniture like cute decorating items, vases of flowers, sofa pillows, etc. with Halloween items to make sure your decoration is consistent. 

In the kitchen, remove your summer curtains, store some dishes and bottles in the cupboard to make space for your decoration. Last but not least, Halloween outdoor decorations are also important to give your home a festive look. So, make sure you clean the front door, porch, and garden before beginning.

Step 2: Make use of what you have for decoration

Have you ever thought about your old stuff uses? Halloween can be expensive and not so environmentally friendly considering all the candy, costumes, and decorations. Sometimes, by making your own repurposed Halloween decorations, you can simply pack them away at the end of Halloween and reuse them in the next year. 

Take a look at your storage, you will find out surprise decoration ideas. One of the simplest ways is making pumpkins carving with your tools. Or you could open your closet and collect some old clothes that you no longer wear, use a little “fashionista” spirit to fix, mix and match them into your unique Halloween costumes! Besides, paper is always in your house, cut them then draw some horror ghosts, black bats, or create anything spooky on Halloween night.

Step 3: Choose some highlighted spots to put much decoration

 It’s not good to have too much of everything. If every sport in your house is fully displayed with rolling pumpkins, paper ghosts, or numerous lighted candles, it will reduce the impression of the whole hunted scenery. To avoid this decorating mistake, here are some corners you could consider as your special spots:

  • Front door area: Some skeleton models and funny paper-handmade ghosts are perfect to surprise everyone! Besides, putting there one of these creepy doormats instead of the normal one
  • The staircase walls: Decorate some DIY spiders web and ghosts made from the paper along the staircase, pumpkins on the stairs, and witches’ hats to the ceiling may be perfect choices if you want to expand the decoration area. 

Spider Webs Along The Staircase Walls

  • Shelves/ Bookshelves: If your house has a bookshelf, don’t waste it! Add some spooky spider webs and fake spiders, bats, and branches. If you want to add more spices, do not hesitate to explore these mugs or  tumblers to get more decorating ideas.

Step 4: Outdoor Halloween decoration for the yard & outside 

Whether or not your home will see trick-or-treaters showing up at your doorstep for candy or family and friends gathering for a Halloween party. Making your home stand out is not only the chance to impress them with the spookiest decorating ideas you can come up with, but it also brings everyone joy and happiness during this interesting season. Consider getting a bit more involved on your front porch, or scattered around your lawn, hang some of them on trees, etc. Pick a common theme and stick to it: a graveyard, witches, skeletons, or ghosts. To be more specific, you can easily craft some witch decorations from cardboard, or just print them on plywood in just a few simple steps. There is no better way to grab the attention than by having an almost-real witch statue standing in front of your door. 
Climbing Skeletons On Roof 

In another idea, build some climbing skeletons using blow-molded plastics and imagine that your neighbors are going to be freaked out by the illusion of horror skeletons climbing on your roof at night. It would definitely be a bone-chilling site that will leave your guests frightened and thrilled. 

Besides, a Halloween garden flag put beside the gate as a creepy welcome to your haunted house is also a good idea. Some personalized Halloween flags here are suitable for your decorating purpose to display with the rest of your outdoor Halloween decorations. If you are confident and good at painting, try repainting your fence with white and if possible, sprinkle some scary bloody drops on it. Now let’s have a look at the ideal decorations themselves that you have remade!
Halloween Garden Flag For Outdoor Decoration

Step 5: Shop some decoration items & get started! 

Now, you got plans in your mind and your home is very well prepared for the best part of Halloween decorations - shopping for the most trending Halloween items of 2021 and make your ideas come to life.  If you want to go beyond the expected Jack-o'-lantern, skeleton, bats, or any Halloween characters, personalized decorating items are the best choice.  You can make the Halloween season memorable with some home accessories that are personalized for you and your family. Create a haunted welcome for anyone who steps into your house with a creepy and cute personalized doormat featuring your skeleton family. Your guests might also enjoy a good laugh just as they enter your home with a “Beware of the little monster” doormat portraying your pets. 

Halloween Decoration

Then, you may choose to replace some living room accessories, such as pillows, mugs, and canvas prints with Halloween-themed ones to infuse your home with a spooky feeling. These small changes can make a big difference in a room, especially when they're a part of something you use on a daily basis. To have enough time to decorate your home for Halloween, you should have all items at your home at least one week before Oct 31. The peak Halloween sale season is when people shop for uncountable gifts, so unexpected inconveniences are too common. Therefore, you should complete your purchase as soon as possible to ensure that everything will be ready on time.

Step 6: Pay attention to candles and lights on the Halloween night

Nothing screams death and mourning more than laying out candles. But you had better not use candles for the outside, just focus on the inside. One common decorating way of this is scattering them around several corners to enhance the dismal vibe of your place and give trick-or-treaters a sense of dread. Anyway, you must make sure it’s safe, especially when you have kids. Remember to put them far away from flammable things like paper, wood, grass, etc. If you consider an artificial flame with real effect for your decoration, flameless flickering tealight candles or rechargeable flameless are recommended.

Flameless Remote Tea Lights Rechargeable Candles

Besides, light is also an indispensable part of a Halloween party. There are many light colors that you could decorate, depending on your hobby and decorating intention. You should make the most of the lights you have while keeping the whole house looking fairly dim. Why? If it is too bright, then there is no room for needed mystery. A Halloween night is perfect when it is still full of impressive obsession without any unexpected trouble.

Step 7: Cook creepy food to celebrate a Halloween party

You don't need to be a master chef to cook Halloween food. Trust this! Frankly, it is simpler and more relaxed than you think. The important thing here is choosing the proper ingredients for your Halloween food dishes. Dark-colored fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries are the best choices.

Weird Cookies And Muffins For Halloween Party

They contribute to creating a scene that is a bit scary when being ripped off or ground. By the way, don’t forget to make or buy (if you don’t have enough time) some weird candies and cookies to give trick-or-treaters, or wrap them as typical Halloween gifts for your special guests at the party.

In a nutshell, there is no better time to show off your own creativity than Halloween. The above tips and ideas may not be everything that you need, but we truly believe that they will help your Halloween preparation much more perfect and easier. Stay cheers and be ready for the upcoming Halloween season 2021!    

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